From staff uniform to office wear, traditional tailoring and corporate clothing to suit every business.

Selecting the right staff uniform for your business is an important decision both for your employees and potential customers. Having the right image for your business, especially in industries with frontline employees like the hotel and travel industry, can set the tone of the relationship you have with your customers. Yet there are still many businesses out there that either (a) don’t have a uniform for staff or (b) have a uniform that is old and outdated and is actually doing more harm than good to the business.


Having a high quality appearance in your business will result in a number of benefits. Improved staff morale and efficiency, increased teamwork and a much more focused mind-set can all come from dressing and looking the part. What you wear has also been proven to affect both yourself and the people observing you. Dress like a confident, successful businessman and you’re more likely to elevate your performance and characteristics to match. Dress like a casual, relaxed person heading to the beach and your mannerisms are more likely to reflect that.


When it comes to actually selecting a staff uniform for your business, this is where a lot of people fall over. What look should they go for, what colours should they use, the corporate look or smart casual? It can be a difficult process if you’ve never had experience with clothing or design and neither have your staff. That’s where Brook Taverner will help provide you with expert advice and guidance in selecting the right staff uniform for your business.


Brook Taverner is a leading name in classic business tailoring and image clothing. The truth is we have a passion for fabrics and tailoring that sometimes borders on the obsessive. This is matched by an obsession for detail and garment performance.


At Brook Taverner we choose fine yarns, densely woven and finished to industry-leading standards for all our corporate tailoring. It might sound simple, but so many corporate clothing suppliers don’t do this, preferring instead to use cheaper fabrics.


We believe it is worth a little more effort and expense to use finely woven fabrics for the following reasons:

  • - performance
  • - greater crease recovery
  • - greater abrasion resistance
  • - increased comfort
  • - less pilling
  • - beautiful looks

"You don't spend almost 100 years building a reputation for tailoring the finest business wear and staff uniforms and then spoil it by taking short cuts."


Brook Taverner quality control is a process that ensures every piece from our wardrobes is of the high standard our clientele expects. Our testers take each item of clothing, whether it is a business suit, a tailored jacket, or some other piece of work clothing, and put it through its paces. This includes wearing and washing it to destruction.


Only then can we be sure of the workwear's ability to stand up to the gruelling realities of corporate life. If it fails, that design is never sold.


You can explore our range of business image clothing online or see the entire the collection at your corporate wear supplier where you can mix and match, and accessorise, our off-the-shelf:

  • - tailored suits
  • - tailored jackets and waistcoats
  • - men's trousers
  • - ladies' trousers
  • - skirts
  • - overcoats
  • - shirts & blouses


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Our high performance Brook Taverner and Wardrobes stock ranges are only available from specialist business wear suppliers. To find your nearest imagewear specialist, please call +44 (0)1535 251900 or email us from our contact page.